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Download Dragon City MOD APK to get unlimited gold, gems, dragon. Train cute babies and turn them into beasts of the battle that will defend you in the PvP Sands. Download Dragon City MOD Apk. Our Dragon City MOD APK contains premium features which make the game more fun.
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Do you want to play a game in which you have to develop the strongest army to compete with the other real or computer players in the war? Dragon City Mod APK is a game developed by Socialpoint, that allows players to build various armies. The real or computer players must develop a magnificent home to take care of the king and internal structure.

The development of granaries is necessary for food storage and stockpiles will be used for the storage of iron, wood, and stone. Towers are available for the archers and horse riders to get ready for attacking the opponent’s army. Therefore, it is similar to an entire war game. This game has a huge number of installations and players around the world. At first, developers had developed Dragon City APK for only Android mobile phone users. Now, it is also for iOS users.

Dragon City APK Free Version requires a longer time to battle against various opponents to complete various levels because your army can’t win against opponents at every level. There are several items including arenas, dragons, food, gems, and gold that are paid in the Dragon City Original Version. So, you need to win every level to get these exciting items. You can also install Apk files on iPhone or IOS devices and have fun with playing this app/game on your Apple phones. If you want to hate ads and planning about starting video chats, try Chatrandom MOD APK to talk with random girls and boys. Download best Video Editor Kinemaster MOD Apk for android. If you like robot games, try Mech Arena MOD Apk for android.

The question is that how can someone get all these interesting items without playing all levels of the game.  The answer is very simple: you must Download Dragon City Mod APK from our website. Using this file, you can easily play any level of this Dragon City Mobile APK. Moreover, unlocked items will help you at every stage of this game.

Dragon City Mod APK Overview

It is the best simulation game on PlayStore. Moreover, it is also an online social game to enable the players to play the game with friends and any game on the social media platform. The mode of online multiplayer allows you to develop the various latest pals. The storyline of this game is to develop a dragon city on different buoyant islands. Moreover, you can also buy different assets, buildings, farms, habitats, safe shelters, and train your dragons for various levels of the game.

For a newbie Dragon City gamer, it is very difficult to get gems and golds to develop a city, buy assets, train, and complete various levels. Moreover, it is also difficult to fight the difficult levels when you are only four or five-level dragons. There is only one solution to all difficulties, that is Dragon City Modded Version.

Dragon City Mod APK
Dragon City Mod APK

Dragon City Mod Features

Let’s check the Dragon City Mod APK Features:

Unlimited Gold

Gold is an essential resource in the game that you need to use for various purposes. The perfect way of getting gold is the habitation of dragons. Moreover, you can also get gold by selling items, dragon eggs, and even dragons. Deus Daily Bonus, Monday Bonsu, and tournament victory also bring a lot of gold. Unlimited gold is required to develop or extend the space for habitats and buildings because your dragons will grow.

We are providing the Dragon City Mod APK through which every player can get unlimited gold. Therefore, you don’t need to play every level and win every battle to purchase the dragons. This Mod APK file helps you to become a pro player in this game. Download SurferShark VPN MOD APK and hide your IP address and increase internet speed. You can setup a business whatsapp by using WhatsApp Business MOD APK for android. For global communication and make friends, use Azar MOD APK the most popular online meeting app.

Unlimited Gems

Gems are essential and difficult to get resources in Dragon City. Moreover, you can earn gems by completing levels, winning against opponents, fighting wars, and participating in the events. You can purchase dragons, food, boost the breed, and feed the dragons through the use of gems. Therefore, gems are the need of every player to unlock various resources.

Dragon City Modded APK can give you unlimited gems to spend in the game to purchase the best dragons and other items. Therefore, you can also become an excellent player in this game by having unlimited gems.

Unlocked Dragons

There are different available dragons in this game to kill the enemies to win every level of the game. Moreover, you can breed or buy them. However, with our Dragon APK Mod File, you will get the unlocked dragon. The list of unlocked dragons is given below:

  • Bohemian Dragon
  • Dual Dragon
  • Superstar Dragon
  • Wind Dragon
  • Dracon Dragon
  • Titan Dragon
  • Legacy Dragon

Online Multi-Players Availability

There are several simulation games with various MOD features, but these games are not providing an online game experience which means there is no distinction between offline, computer simulation, and automatic games.

Only Dragon City Mod APK is providing the online game experience through online multiplayer to play this game with online players. So, Download Dragon City Mobile Mod APK version to have the best game experience.

Simple Control

Dragon City game interface is the simplest that includes various controls. The modded version is very easier to play due to the excellent plugin control. In this game, you can develop a dragon city consisting of Habitats, Farms, and Buildings. Moreover, You can get the eggs to bread, and create dragons to boost their levels for exciting fights. It’s a fact that you will enjoy every mission of Dragon Fire Mod APK.

Battle and Accomplishments

You can collect as many dragons as you want and increase their power for upcoming battles. Moreover, you can use dragons in PVE and PVP contests to perform exceptionally in the tournaments. There are different accomplishments including jewels, gold, and other rewards.

Hatchery Upgradation

Dragon City game provides only a single hatchery to every player at the beginning of this game. With the game progress, the players will get the extra breed site. However, the hatchery up-gradation of eggs will be gaol of every player. In this way, players will expand their kingdom.

There is no sole production of dragon eggs. These eggs are included in the rewards, players can hatch them after getting the prerequisite. Moreover, eggs are included in this mod version so that players have unlimited eggs for the hatchery.

Unlocked Dragon Towers

Normally, these dragon towers are available on the primary floating islands. You have to use more than four dragons on the adventure to unlock these towers. Moreover, you can easily use the dragon’s expertise once the dragon towers are unlocked. These unlocked towers are available in the modified version.

Interesting Mod Features

  • Access to thousands of the amazing dragons in your dragon book. You can breed those dragons to expand the dragon city.
  • New dragons will be added to the weekly basis when you participate in the breeding events.
  • There are different skins available for your dragons so that you can upgrade regularly to get a fresh game experience.
  • Access to the leaderboards through participation in the PvP contests with the dragon experts. Moreover, you can get the warrior’s chest on winning the battles.
  • The availability of exclusive Orbs for improving the existing monsters. Moreover, the power bar highlights the dragons’ quick response when they alter their colliding level.
  • Unlocked the advanced features of this game in Dragon Mod APK Version. So, you can get the perfect ancient world with the guidance of expert dragons.
  • Alliance gifts are available for every player

Why Should I use Dragon City Modded Version?

Dragon City Free Version requires a longer time to compete in the various difficulty levels and complete those levels because your dragons can’t win every battle for you. In the free version, every item is paid and you need to win the level to get the items. Therefore, you need to spend real money to buy these items.

But, everyone is not ready to spend real money to buy the items in this game. Here, a solution is Dragon City Mod APK which includes all unlocked premium items to get free of cost. You must go through this article to understand the functionality of the Mod APK file.

Why Download Dragon City Mod APK?

There are millions of mobile applications available on the Google Play Store but their APK and Mod APK files aren’t available there. Therefore, you need to download the Mod APK of Dragon City from our website.

How to Install Mod APK File of Dragon City Game on Android Devices?

Follow these steps to install Dragon Mod APK:

  • Delete any previously installed version of this game.
  • Go to your device setting and tap on the ‘Enable The Unknown Sources’ to avoid any difficulty in Dragon City installation.
  • It is the simplest way to install this game application.
  • Click on the button ‘Download’ and wait a few seconds
  • Now, install the game after the completion of the download
  • Follow the installation instructions
  • After completion of game installation, enjoy the unlocked premium features

How can I use Dragon City MOD Version on PC?

You can enjoy this game on your PC if there is a PC version of this game. However, you can download and install the emulator to use this game on your PC. You can use an emulator such as Android Studio, Bluestacks, NoxPlayer, etc to enjoy the amazing features of this game.

How to Install Dragon City Mod APK on PC?

  • Tap on the button ‘Download’ and your download will be started within a few seconds.
  • Now, wait for download completion.
  • Right-click on Dragon Mod APK file and select emulator to open the file.
  • The emulator will provide a patch for Dragon City APK file installation.
  • From the home screen, launch this Mod APK file and follow the provided instructions.

FAQs About Dragon City Mobile MOD APK

Q1: What is the best starter dragon in Dragon City Mobile Game?

Answer: Earth Dragon is the best dragon that is helpful at the start of the game because of producing more gold as compared to other starter dragons. Moreover, the water element is a fantastic choice because of its excellent gold competency.

Q2: What is the role of Decor in Dragon City?

Answer: The Decors are very useful in decorating the players’ island. Moreover, decoration items are available at the shop and at different events.

Q3: What is the breeding shelter in Dragon City Mobile APK?

Answer: Every level of breeding shelter unlocks the latest exceptional dragon combos. You can keep two dragons in the shelter and analyze what magic happens.

Q4: How can I breed an epic dragon on Dragon City?

Answer: You have to hatch the eggs of the epic dragon. To do that, you must go to your storage and click the ‘Hatch’. Therefore, you need to keep checking the eggs for the hatchery. After breeding, you have to train your epic dragons in different habitats.

Q5: What is the super-fast breed in Dragon City Mobile Game?

Terra is the super-fast breed in the Dragon City as this dragon has a breeding period of only fifteen seconds. However, both of the parents should be Terra dragons to avoid the delay in breeding time.

Q6: Which dragons can use the training centers?

Answer: The dragons with up to level 15 can utilize this training center. You can easily buy this building when you achieve level 20. However, we are providing an unlocked training center for every level due to the Mod version.

Q7: How can I get unlimited diamonds in Dragon City Game Mod APK?

Answer: You can get unlimited diamonds in Dragon City after downloading and installing Dragon City modified version.  

Q8: Is it safe to use Dragon City Mod version?

Answer: Yes, it is safe to use Dragon City Mod Version after downloading.

Q9: Can I download Dragon City APK free of cost?

Answer: Yes, you can download Dragon City Mod APK free of cost from our website.

Q10: Can this Dragon City Mobile Mod version ban my account?

Answer: No, this modded version can’t ban your account as our team has used the anti-ban feature during the modification.


We are discussed the Dragon City Mod APK in detail to guide our users about everything related to this specific game. Let’s download the Mod version from this webpage and play this amazing game. You can ask any question in the comment section and explore this website to get Mods of the various mobile applications.

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