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Lucky Patcher 10.0.4 APK Download Latest Version Android (No Root) – Who likes free stuff? Everyone and that is why I will today tell you about Lucky Patcher. It is an app that allows its users to do in-app purchases for free.

Nowadays, there are more than a billion Android users who are usually frustrated or annoyed by all these advertisements which hinder an individual to do their work effectively. And this needs to be improved by which we can avoid such eccentric limitations. So, here the Lucky Patcher comes into play which deals with such kind of problem. This app will give us a chance to do block these advertisements, removing system apps, modifying app permissions, license verification, and many more.

Hence its major job is to remove ads on android apps and games by which we can persistently do our deeds without any disturbance. You can also install Apk files on iPhone or IOS devices and have fun with playing this app/game on your Apple phones. If you want to hate ads and planning about starting video chats, try Chatrandom MOD APK to talk with random girls and boys. Download best Video Editor Kinemaster MOD Apk for android. If you like robot games, try Mech Arena MOD Apk for android. Download latest Granny Outwitt MOD APK for android and experience this amazing game.

About Lucky Patcher Apk:

A lucky patcher is an incredible tool that is not designed for the purpose of cracking something, but indeed, it offers a series of features so that one can easily manipulate any application. It also enlists the installed applications on your device, also helps you to a guide that what features you can carry out with these particular applications. Also, while reading this article some of them might think that is this illegal? But, the answer is that the Lucky patcher is completely legal. Basically, it is commonly used to hack something or we can say some of the features  and remove licenses from games and other applications

Many websites will show you the fake app clearance of lucky patcher app, but once you go through with this article you will get to know the reality. Sometimes people have the misconception that lucky patcher application is malware, virus or a destructive app which ruins one system, but the fact is totally contrasting as you have read till now, you got to know its work that how can it help you out to removing this disturbing advertisement. Its latest version and its size is about 5.6 MB, which is a very small size, so it is not going to occupy your large space. Indeed, its only requirement is that the phone will be android.


There are lots of fake Lucky Patcher Original Apk can be found on the Internet, but here we have the Lucky Patcher’s Original Version which you can also download freely from our website.

We only provide you all the original latest and old version of lucky patcher apk for your android devices. We’ve don’t provide any third party (fake) or virus-infected apk files on our website. This app is 101% safe and risk-free. This app will not harmful to your android device. If you have found any broken links or any issues while downloading please comment below in the comment section.

Lucky patcher is a very helpful and best app ever for all the android device owners. As it can help in many things that other apps can not perform. It can remove ads and get premium features for free of any paid android apps, you can backup and restore any apps, can remove and block ads in free apps. You can also modify the android action game like Pubg, mini militia, etc.

Name Lucky Patcher Apk
Version 10.0.4
Size 8.28 MB
Updated 3 Days Ago
Requires Android 4.0+
Installs 1,00,00,000+
Developer ChelpuS
Category Android Apps
Telegram ApkUpdated


You won’t find Lucky Patcher Original in PlayStore because it’s a hacking application & doesn’t fit in the Playstore policies.

As it’s a hacking application which means you need to know the conclusion of using the lucky patcher app.

Here we’re going to tell you all the things that you need to know, also we’re going to share with you the latest version of the lucky patcher app.


Basically, the lucky patcher replaces the original code with the new modified one. And in some cases, it will completely, eliminate the code to get the complete modifications by which all required features will be inserted.

For instance, if you will apply the patch to replace license verification, so, it removes the code which is written to check the suitable license from the app.

  • Procedures
  • Initially, the custom patches are made manually for each and every application and gaming.
  • Now, for the bypassing license verification, the processing is completely similar.
  • This application is perfect works on blocking annoying advertisements.

Now, one thing more to know, which is that this app needs to be frequently updated because the application’s patches will be obsolete with the passage of time. That’s why we have to reconstruct frequently.

Now you may think that are all apps and games supported by this application?

Though this application is supported by many apps and games, it’s almost impossible to say that it is supporting the entire range of applications and games, because as we know that each and every apps and game have their own features and functionality. Also, we cannot predict about this application that which app is it supporting or not. We can say that it is likely to depend upon the luck that is the probability of whether you are getting success in its processing or not. As its name suggests lucky patcher. Moreover, it also depends on your skills that how you are utilizing this app. Even though, there are many possibilities in which there are many modes are available for the license verification, so one needs to choose it wisely, then only you can get more success or we can say your probability of getting success is to be more likely.

Doesn’t this sound tempting? The best thing about the app is that it even works on non-rooted Android devices. Obviously that limits the features of the app. Nonetheless, you will get all the important features in your non-rooted Android Device. Let us have a look at the features of Lucky Patcher.

Lucky Patcher Features:

  • Ease of use.
  • Allow custom patches.
  • We can modify applications to block or remove ads from apps.
  • Easy to use In-App Purchases.
  • No need for a rooted device while removing ads.
  • Also, there is an interesting feature which we can avail by using this app that is we can hack games in which we can unlock many features like gems and unlimited life etc.
  • Via this application, it will uninstall the unwanted system or stock apps which are not necessary for the system.
  • It will also remove the unwanted application permissions from unreliable apps.
  • In addition, we can back up the patched applications and games.
  • Easily remove or bypass license verification of any premium application.
  • We can also take backup usual android apps and games to your SD card very easily.
  • This application stops the license verification and app purchase of premium apps and games.
  • To get the access of free apps: By using this features, helps the user to access the free applications in you’re android or if you stuck somewhere in the middle, due to lacking some gems, points or coins etc. offer you to get the complete access or approach to utilize these resources to fulfil your demands and satisfaction which is completely free of cost.
  • Restore or backing up the data: This app has essentially a backup feature by which an individual can back up or restore their significant apps and data. Furthermore, one can also use it for future use in their PC too, or it also provides the cloud options.
  • Adding applications to your SD card: Nowadays, every single day we heard about the new app in the market with new features, so, with increasing varieties of applications, we need a space also, then sometimes if one wants to download some particular application in his android, but due to unavailability of the space, we unable to install it, but by using the lucky patcher app we can eradicate this issue, by transferring the apps to our SD card, so that we can free our memory space and so that one can easily install any app. Once you are done with your installing your app, then you can easily transfer your applications to your SD card and use it with no issues. So, what you guys looking for. Go and grab the opportunity of downloading this application which provides you with numerous benefits as I mentioned all above in this article.

The other features of the apps include the ability to install a modded play store and its operation on a non-rooted device. Let us now learn how to download Lucky Patcher v8.7.1 APK on your Android device.

How to Install:

Well, we have written a detailed article about this before which you can check here, down below we’re sharing with your quick step-up information about installing lucky patcher original apk on your device.

As we said above it’s a hacking application that you won’t find on PlayStore, but we have collected for you all the version of the lucky patcher app.

So follow the guidelines & enjoy Lucky Pacher Apk:

  • First go to the Download Page, where you will find all the download links to the Lucky Patcher App.

Step 1: Now Download Lucky Patcher Latest version 8.7.1  APK from the official website of Lucky Patcher.

Step 2: From the ‘Security’, present in ‘Settings’, allow the smartphone to install apps from unknown sources.

Step 3: After that open the Lucky Patcher 8.7.1 APK and install the app on your device.

Step 4: Open the app and grant root access to it. Once you grant the app root access, you will be able to see stuff like ‘Nothing to patch here,’ ‘Custom patch available,’ ‘InApp purchases found’ and ‘License Verification found’ below the icon of the app.

Step 5: Click on the app that has the notification that says ‘Custom patch available.’

Step 6: Now follow the direction: Click on ‘Open menu of patches’ -> Select ‘Custom Patch’ and then you will see a notification that will show you information like app backup & restore, version, and build of the selected app along with the custom patch description. Select ‘Apply’.

Step 7: Wait for few minutes till you receive a notification that says ‘Patches are Applied.’

If you face a situation where a notification message informs you that the patches couldn’t be applied, then follow the fix that is given by the Lucky Patcher APK App. You will either have to upgrade or downgrade the app.

One thing that you should remember that deleting Lucky Patcher 8.7.1 after the patches are applied will be stupid-ness because the patches will disappear as soon as you remove Lucky Patcher v8.7.1 from your Android device.

If you want to remove the license of an app with the help of Lucky Patcher APK, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Select the app from which you want to remove the license permissions.

Step 2: Now follow the direction: Select ‘Open Menu Of Patches’ -> ‘Remove License Verification’ -> ‘Auto Modes’ -> ‘Apply’.

That’s it! This will remove the license of the app that you have selected.

The above we have mentioned the process of installing a lucky patcher apk file on your android device without getting an “unknown source warning”.

If you want to remove ads with the help of Lucky Patcher, click here.

If you have to make InApp purchases, but you want free stuff instead, use Lucky Patcher APK xda to give you a sigh of the relief.

As I have already mentioned Lucky Patcher APK Download is widely used to get free InApp purchase, let’s see how can you do it:

Step 1: Open Lucky Patcher 8.7.1 and select the app from where you want to do InApp purchases.

Step 2: Go to the buying area of the app and click on ‘Buy’ or anything that gives a similar meaning.

Step 3: As soon as you click on it, the window of Lucky Patcher 8.7.1 will appear on the screen with a simple question, “Do you want to get this item for free?” Click on ‘Yes.’

Lucky Patcher App Info:

Now you don’t even need to pay money to use any important features that are available only in the premium version of the app.

All the stuff that Lucky Patcher 8.7.1 can do sounds illegal and unsafe, but the truth is you will never be arrested for using Lucky Patcher APK and also, the app is safe.

It has more than 20 million users who are satisfied by the service of Lucky Patcher APK v8.7.1 and so, you should too give this app a chance to prove itself. I would like to inform you that Lucky Patcher 8.7.1, pretty much depends on your luck. It doesn’t guarantee 100% working in all the apps but still, it will work for most of the apps.

You might get irritated by Lucky Patcher after you install it because of the frequent updates that it demands, but trust me when I say that it is for your benefit. All the apps are regularly updated and therefore Lucky Patcher needs to build patches again and again.

The frequent updates will make sure that you get stuff for free. You might also receive a warning from Chrome saying “This file can be harmful” but you can ignore that warning. The developers of Lucky Patcher has assured that the app is not a virus.

Now that it is completely safe and free, download and Install Lucky Patcher for Android device and start using it. Tell us about your encounter with the app.

Don’t forget to share the post with your friends so that, together your group can enjoy free stuff in the Android devices which are being used.

Lucky Patcher Alternatives:

Lucky Patcher Alternatives [Similar Apps ] for Android & iOS – Lucky Patcher has acted as a savior for us. Thanks, to Lucky Patcher for all the money that it has saved for us. Lucky Patcher is an app that allows its users to do free in-app purchases and to get the premium feature of an app without even paying a penny.

Few of the people have complained that Lucky Patcher has failed to work on their smartphone. If you are also one of them, then let me tell you this post is for you. Today, I will tell you about the other apps that can work as an alternative for Lucky Patcher.

Readers, let me tell you a thing, this app will work as a Lucky Patcher alternatives, but not a single app will be able to fulfill your wishes like the Lucky Patcher app does. But still, let me give you the list, try your luck!

Lucky Patcher Alternatives for Android & iOS:

1. Creehack

If you love playing games on your smart devices, then Creehack is the app for you. Creehack allows you to do all the in-app purchases of your favorite game for absolutely free of cost.

The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t need root access on your smartphone to give you all the in-app purchases for free. Just make sure that when you want to do any in-app purchase for free, you have to run Creehack in the background.

The only shortcoming that one has to face while using Creehack is that the app works only for doing in-app purchasing of games and no other apps.

2. Freedom

This is another popular app that allows you to fulfill your free purchases, but the thing about Freedom is that it is not available for all the apps. For using this app, you will have to root your Android device.

The app allows you to get free in-app purchases by creating a fake Google wallet from where you pay fake money to the app. The app doesn’t work for an in-app purchase of all apps. It has very limited usage. You will have to use Freedom to know for which apps, you will be able to gain premium features in a free version.

3. IAP cracker

This one is for my friends who use iOS. You must be knowing that the security which is created by Apply is too tight and therefore, obviously to use iAP cracker on your iOS device, you have to jailbreak your device.

Once you have done that, you can use iAP cracker to crack the in-app purchases of the paid apps. This means that you can get all the paid apps for free bypassing the payment gateway created by the app.

4. iAPFree iOS 9.3.3

This is one of the best alternatives to Lucky Patcher for iOS users. The app allows its user to get the in-app purchases for free for almost all the apps that you use.

One has to jailbreak their iPhone to use iAPFree iOS 9.3.3. You can get the app from the Cydia app store. Download and install the app and enjoy all the premium versions.

Other apps that serve as an alternative for Lucky Patcher include iAPCrazy, LocaliAPStore iOS 9.3.3, RomPatcher +, LeoPlay Card and AppSara. I would like to remind my readers that though the alternative apps of Lucky Patcher will work fine, no one will work like a Lucky Patcher.

The reason behind this is simple Lucky Patcher is the best, and no app has been developed which can give competition to this app. I would also like to tell you that the apps listed above might not be even legal in your country, and therefore please do thorough research before using these apps to get paid stuff.

It is a well-known fact that Apple is strictly against the usage of such apps, and therefore, please be cautious. If your friends like too want to get free stuff in their basic apps and Lucky Patcher isn’t working in their app, then please share the post to help them.

If you know about any other apps that act as an alternative of Lucky Patcher APK, please free to drop down the name of the app.


This application has many benefits to make your life more comfortable with great ease as it serves you these incredible features which comprise of eliminating license, verification, removing advertisements, freeing buying of apps. In addition, one can also convert their applications to the system application.

Hence, by these aforementioned points, you can come to know about what exactly the Lucky Patcher is.


Lucky Patcher App is made by Netbew ChelpuS. We all need to thanks them for the great app. Our site doesn’t hold any copyright or any type of responsibility for kind of this apps


Q.1 Why Lucky Patcher Original App Is not on the Google Play store?

Ans. It’s a hacking application, which can hack almost every app or game. According to google play store policies makers of lucky patcher can’t unload this app on play store.

Q.2 Why we get Unknown Source Warning during the installation of Lucky Patcher Apk File on our android device.

Ans. It’s pretty simple to understand this, Android is a Google production and Google gives a green signal to their app (PlayStore Apps or Games) to keep the user in their control. That’s why we always get unknown source warning during the installation of the lucky patcher apk file.

Q.3 Why we get Malware Detected Warning when installing lucky patcher?

Ans. It’s a hacking application, that’s why you get a malware detected warning during the installation. Just ignore it and use Lucky Patcher Apk!

Q.4 Where I can get the latest version of the lucky patcher app?

Ans. You can find all the latest or older versions of the lucky patcher app on our download page.

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