Plague Inc Mod Apk (Unlimited DNA+Custom Scenarios)

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This game is free to play and install. It is a great simulation game with many features which you will love. You have to use your skills to make a strategy.
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Plague Inc Mod Apk is an action strategy game for android users. It is different and at the same time enjoyable. The story is like we have to infect humans. In short, you will infect humanity with dangerous viruses and diseases. You will infect them until the world gets drowned in your virus.


The game is very addictive, and after playing for several minutes, you will enjoy it more. So remember that it will not be easy to spread your virus everywhere. You have a whole plan on how to distribute it in the world. Players need to have a fantastic strategy about all the work because you won’t be able to be successful without organization. This game has terrific methods and features for you.

Features of Plague Inc Mod Apk

This game provides you with incredible features that surely you will love. Let’s have a look at them.

Intelligent AI

The game features a highly-developed AI system that allows for effective management when a disease outbreak happens. It will make the game more complex. However, you’ll also find the game more challenging and rewarding. Plan your plans carefully and wisely to see who would win in a battle between human and machine.

Helpful tutorials

Tutorials are added in your game progress to help you get familiar with the game quicker, short, and others for your ease. At every stage of the game, you’ll know what to do and how to do it. It will help a lot in dealing with the clever AI whose sole purpose is to stop you from achieving your goals.

Levels for your ease 

The game consists of 3 different levels: easy, medium, hard. Each level correlates with the consciousness of humanity. For example, people do not have hygienic activities in an inaccessible mode. Doctors are too lazy to research remedies or more. Or in a challenging way, everyone has an awareness of disease prevention.

Earth Simulation

In this game, you will play as a villain to destroy humanity. Usually, the game directs the player on the good side to confront the evil. But this game is the opposite, leading you to play as the villain to spread germs around the world. Your main task is to poison all humanity with the viruses you create and become the biological terrorist tycoon.

Create virus

Each type of pathogen will have various advantages and disadvantages. When starting the game, you start with bacteria. Pathogens divide into different types, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, nuclear weapons, and more. It is suitable for beginners because of its rapid spread, but simple remedies quickly disappear. Each disease has its power and traits, making them deadly to specific individuals.

Player guide

In addition to the above features, Plague Inc also attracts players in several other great features and ALSO advantages. The player guide system is very detailed for getting acquainted with the game. The game includes more than 12 different pathogens for you to try. Besides, beautiful graphics with a simple interface, easy to use is an advantage.


It has impressive HD graphics that are realistic with detailed images. The themes are also carefully chosen to match your progression. The red color, blood, and gore make everything look terrorized and scary. It feels like you’re a real villain who’s obsessed with his idea of saving the world by destroying humanity.

Sound System and update

The features provide relatable sound effects and in-game music that follow every action’s stories. You can hear the sound of people screaming for help as you destroy them with the plagues. To make the game better and improve your experiences, the developers have constantly released new updates for Plague Inc mod apk.

Mod Features of Plague Inc Mod Apk

  • Ads-free
  • All items are unlocked
  • Unlimited DNA

Conclusion of Plague Inc Mod Apk

This game is free to play and install. It is a great simulation game with many features which you will love. You have to use your skills to make a strategy. This game is safe and secure to download. It will not let you face any security issues. It’s an amazing game with amazing features.  Also, if you are looking for a fantastic action game, you must try it.

What's new

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  • Bugs Removed


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